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Services & Treatment


  • Consultation & treatment of all skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fungal infections)

  • Ect/Cryotherapy of warts, moles

  • Excision of cysts

  • Hairloss/hairfall Dermahealmesotherapy
    Dermaheal Products for home use

  • Acne treatments
    a. Facials – bluelight exposure
    b. Dermaroller  
    c. Acne treatment products for home use

  • Melasma/pekas treatments
    Facials – facial w/ peel, diamond peel, platinum peel

  • Botox injections – for wrinkles

  • Dermal Fillers – liquid face lift/plump lips

  • Anti-aging Treatments
    a. Cryostamping – fine lines and wrinkles, prominent pores
    b. Dermaqueen/mesotherapy – for melasma, hair thinning, stretchmarks
    c. Intragen/Thermage – newest technology in non surgical face and neck lifting,reduction of pore size

  • Facials
    a. cleansing facial
    b.  facial w/ peel
    c. diamond peel
    d. platinum peel
    e. euro facial


  • Autologous Fat Transfer 

  • Liposuction

  • Rhinoplasty (noselift)

  • Blepharoplasty (deep-set/eyebags removal)

  • Breast Augmenation

  • Scar Revision

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma Excision & Skin Grafting


  • IPL (intense pulse light) – 200/shot

  • Medlite – for tattoo removal 1000/sq inch

  • Fraxel – for acne scars, prominent pores 5000/session whole face

  • RF (for slimming/contouring)
    1. Face 1000
    2. Body 3000/area

  • Cavitation (non-surgical liposuction) 5000/area

  • Lasermar – liposculpture, cellulitis, pain

  • Sclerotherapy – for varicose/spider veins 5T – 30T



  • IsabelaDerm Signature Body Massage (1 hour)

  • Swedish Massage (1 hour)

  • Shiatsu (1 hour)

  • Hot Stone Massage (1 hour)

  • Ventosa/Cupping Therapy (1 hour)

  • Padabhyangga

  • Hastabhyangga

  • Sauna


  • Facials - maintain beauty and youth in the wonder of our facial skincare. Our trained therapists will rejuvenate and renew the skin using products specifically formulated and scientifically proven to address your skin’s condition.
    >Cleansing facial
    >Pumpkin Facial
    >Carrot Facial
    >Gold Facial
    >TCA peel
    >Facial/ bluelight
    >Diamond Peel
    >Platinum Peel
    >Viva Facial
    >Novacid Facial
    >Perfection Facial
    >Energy Lift Facial
    >Bio-optic Eye Treatment

  • Body Scrub/Wrap– scrubs are an important elimination step and prepare the body for the benefits of body wraps and massage therapy. Our wraps offer comfort and relaxation, soothing the body while providing hydration and renewal.
    >Slimming Body Wrap
    >Purifying Body Wrap
    >Firming Body Wrap
    >Body Bleach Wrap

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